BACKSTAGE | Our new home!

We’re excited to have recently completed a month of renovations and can not wait to move into our new home!

This semi-abandoned building had been initially built to store coal on the Palace compound. Thereafter, it became a temporary dormitory for twelve monks while they awaited the completion of Taktse Shedra across the valley, at which point it was then converted into a cow-shed.

Now in its fourth reincarnation as Project Denjong, we’re looking forward to getting creative with it as an office, a digitisation studio, an archive and resource centre, and hopefully soon, as a public exhibition space!

Stay tuned to follow our innovations, upgrades, and progress, and we look forward to soon being able to welcome researchers and academics, schoolchildren and tourists, and the creative and curious! We invited you all to delve into histories untold, discover Sikkim’s rich history, and participate in shaping our collective future.

  • Robert Nordstrom
    Posted at 12:22h, 06 May Reply

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